How to Make Sulfuric Aacid 2 N

When are we going to create a solution with a particular concentration, then we first know how the concentration of pure substances or concentrated. Indeed we could not make the solution is greater than the purest ingredients. Usually we create a solution with a concentration lower than that of pure substances or which we often call with dilution. Where a dilution formula alike we know IE: V1.N1 = V2.N2.
with the description:

V1: the number of pure solution we take
N1: concentration of a solution we will diluted
V2: the number of solutions will we create with dilution of
N2: the concentration of the solution which we will create

If we know that Pure sulfuric acid Levels = 96% ~ 36 N (N1)

The calculation of the manufacture of Sulfuric acid solution 2 of N (N2) as much as 250 ml (V2) are as follows:

V1.N1 = V2.N2
V1 = V2.N2: N1
= 250 ml of 2 N: 36 N
= 13,8889 ml ~ 1, 10 ml

So V1 = 11 9 ml.

So how to manufacture sulfuric acid 2 N, namely:

-Contents of pumpkin measure 250 ml, with distilled water approximately 100 ml, and then add 13.9 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid at a, Shake briefly and then add the distilled water back up to 250 ml or up to the mark.
On the dilution of the concentrated acid in General or the manufacture of Sulfuric Acid 2 n particular, always a pumpkin or squash measure indeed measure should be fully distilled water in advance to avoid the heat changes, which can generate spontaneous explosions.

Making a Solution of Iodium 0,1 N (KI3 0,1 N)

Solution of Iodine commonly known with the solution of the drug. However in other Quantitative analysis of Chemical material, which has the formula I2 Iodine indeed, but if it is only dissolved in water, it will be difficult to dissolve or difficult to dissolve. If any insoluble, it takes a relatively long time. Usually the creation of a solution of Iodine often added helper substances i.e. KI (Potassium Iodide). so this solution finally has a formula of the compound KI3.

Here's how to make:

-Carefully Weigh as much as 12, 90 grams of Iodine (I2) + 18.00 grams of Potassium Iodide (KI) and dissolve in 200 ml of water. After all the soluble, dilute iodine solution with water to 1000 ml solution.

This solution is used as the default solution in titration in Iodine Methods .

Manufacturing Hydrochloride Acid 6 N

Take 50 ml of Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid, poured into 100 ml volumetric flask which already contains 50 ml of water as well. Mix well.